This is a Special WIN Update Video Interview with Skip Archimedes: 2-Time British Gymnastics Champion.

Skip is an extraordinary character who won his second British Gymnastics Championship after breaking his back and being told by Doctors that he would never walk again!

After personally connecting with Skip several weeks ago and hearing his extraordinary story our executive director of WIN Perry Kiraly felt his experience exemplified in many ways WIN training and the power we all have to create and overcome virtually any obstacle.

Perry & Skip, literally the next day, then arranged to do a live video conference to share the insights and information they discussed for the benefit of WIN Members and others that would view it.

It is just over an hour long interview that took Skip and Perry over 4-hours to complete due to unbelievable technical difficulties; but how Perry & Skip responded to these difficulties is a testament to the training in WIN and what we can all come to realize and achieve when overcoming seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.

The interview takes place with Perry in USA, Cleveland Ohio area, and Skip in London, England. Take the time to view it in its entirety and it will enrich your life if you pay close attention to what is conveyed.

This video is a gift in effort and time from the heart of both Skip & Perry in hopes that it will assist all that view it in remembering what you are and realizing your dreams.

If you have any questions about W.I.N. or future retreats or questions for Skip or Perry please contact us at the links below.

Enjoy the interview!

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