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This is a brief update to remind Members that segment-1 of Level-2 is complete. The text/transcript is ready to post on site; the audio is being edited and should be available to post by the end of this month.  Our Web-developer is working on the Level-2 access section now which should be complete in the next 7-10 days.


To access the first segment of Level-2 you will need to have completed the Level-1 requirements.  Please see the Level-1 check sheet in the “Self Mastery Training / Level-1” Section of the WIN site.  Once you've completed the three requirements on the check-sheet contact Beverly at WIN Member Services: and let us know.  If you joined during the initial launch promo with a previous level of 2 or greater you will then be granted Level-2 access; otherwise a substantial upgrade discount will be offered as the final segments are in process.


If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the Personal Integrity & Values (PV & I) course Level-1 requirement please call Beverly at 216-526-7039 or Dorothy at 216-375-2449.  In previous PV & I workbooks we listed Liz as the contact personnel in an insert but Beverly and Dorothy are now the designated individuals to contact for all inquiries regarding the PV & I course.  This course is not difficult and can be completed in a few days or less….  If you haven't yet purchase the PV & I course workbook you can do so in the “Self Mastery Training / Level-1” section of the WIN site; it is a life enhancing course and if applied will change your life in ways that will amaze you.


For other news please listen to the WIN Directors Call of June 30 2015 which is now available to listen to in the “Directors” section of the Website.  It covers all the latest content additions to the site as well as the current achievements and targets of our club going forward. 


From all of the Directors and staff at WIN we extend our blessings and wish for your happiness and prosperity in all you do.




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