Happy 1st Anniversary!!!



June 2015 Marks WIN’s 1st Anniversary Since Our Official Launch On June 1st Of 2014! Congratulations To All WIN Members! You Are Part Of Something That Is Changing Lives … And We’re Just Getting Started!


To Celebrate We Are Going To Waive The Initiation Fee And Open Membership Until The 4th Of July 2015 To All Those That Wish To Join Us For $150 - This Includes The First Month’s Dues.



To update current members, and prospective members that receive this newsletter, the following are some of the highlights of our achievements of late and plans for the future…


Self-Mastery Training


Our Level-1 training is unique and unlike any other, anywhere. Although it is the first of 12 levels of training it was written specifically for WIN members and begins at virtually the highest level to give you the foundation upon which you can build anything.


The subsequent training levels will add additional expansion, detail and focus to the ultimate revelation and goal in level-1 training of fully realizing what it is you are, the unfathomable power you have to create what you want, the mechanics of how it works, and proven ways to blow out the stops.


Segment One Of Level-2 Is Currently Underway And Should Be Released Soon. 


Self-Mastery Training Meetings


            Self-Mastery training meetings are being held at least once per month and video recorded for the entirety of the membership to review the website.  our most recent meeting was June 3, 2015 which will be posted as soon as our A/V assistant gets it downloaded and formatted, and our web-developer gets it uploaded to the win site. 


The content and concepts in Level-I pages 1 thru 12 were discussed as well as some of what will be expanded upon in the first segment of Level-II.  Additionally discussed was one of the tenets in our code of honor.




Currently Available To View And/or Listen To On Site Include:

·         Gregg Braden At The WIN Las Vegas Event (November 2014)

·         Archived Self-Mastery Training Meetings (2014)

·         Breaking Through Barriers Seminar (April 2015)

·         Mindful Living Seminar (March 2015)

·         Self-Mastery Training Meetings January 2015 Thru May 6, 2015


Upcoming Events/ Dates to Be Announced:

·         Mastermind Excursion In Painesville Ohio

·         Mastermind Excursion In Michigan

·         Major Event In Playa Del Carmen Mexico


WIN Website


We are continually adding new content and ease-of-use features to the website to improve and enhance the benefit and value to our members.


Please login for review of content you may not have seen yet. content additions have been added to the website over the last several months in virtually all of the sections including:

·         Self-Mastery Training Section

·         Feel Good Now Section

·         Things To Consider Section

·         Topics Of Interest Section

·         Health Section

·         Science Section

·         Upcoming Events Section

·         Past Local Events And Seminars Section

·         Testimonial Section

·         WIN Management Contact Section

·         Directors Section


WIN Member Awards


Each month a WIN Member is randomly selected to have “Dinner on WIN.”  The winner receives a $100 gift card to dine at a selected high-line restaurant in their area.  The names of the winners are posted each month in the lower left-hand corner of the public section of the WIN website (WIN along with testimonies and photographs taken.


WIN Founder & Unit Holders


            The Founder and other Unit holder checks were all sent out last month on May 5, 2015.  Congratulations on your foresight and thank you for your belief in and contribution to our club - that is truly making a difference in people’s lives.


WIN Affiliate Program


            WIN’s Member Affiliate Program has been up & running and paying WIN Members residual income since July 2014.  Participation in the program is solely voluntary and is not required or urged in any way.

            You must first be a Member of WIN to participate in the Member Affiliate program.

            20 free initial high potential leads are given to new Member Affiliate’s and additional leads can be earned with each new Member sponsored.

            Commissions are paid each month on all sponsored Members in good standing. 

            WIN’s commission structure pays on all dues and fees collected on four levels as follows:

·         20% on the first level

·         20% on the second level

·         5% on the third level

·         5% on the fourth level


As A Final Important Note to Members and Potential Members


            A new Button is now available to click on for all WIN members titled: “Directors.”

In this section of the site the Directors conference calls, which have been recorded each month since January 2015, are available to listen to.

            These calls go over in specific detail our goals achieved and targets going forward on a month-to-month basis.  This section will keep all WIN Members completely up-to-date with the month-to-month targets, plans and progress of our club.


In Conclusion


We encourage and welcome all of your ideas and suggestions to enhance the benefits and value of our club.

To prospective Members that are considering joining us, now is an extraordinary time and opportunity to do so and I encourage you to take advantage of it before the Fourth of July expiration of our current offer to join for $150.

From all of the Directors of WIN we extend our blessings and wish for your happiness and prosperity in all you do.


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