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This book may very well be one of the most important ever published in that it answers what seems to have been one of the most puzzling questions to man in recorded history. That question being: What Am I? And it answers it with the simplest of science, flawless logic, and virtually irrefutable, verifiable proof.

The answer to this age-old question; the realization of what we (you) are, to even a small degree, affords the foundational depth necessary to build virtually anything and achieve virtually any goal in that it provides the key ingredient that makes all intentions, expectations, and postulates come to fruition. That key ingredient being resolute Belief!

Even more importantly it gives one an entirely new perspective on not just themselves and their abilities but others and the world around them. A perspective which ultimately lends itself to a view of appreciation and love and creativity that knows no bounds.

The information in this book once fully grasped by just a small percentage of the population could literally propel this planet and the people upon it to a state of prosperity, peace, and strength governed only by the limitless expanse of our imaginations!

The World Information Network Level-1 training is therefore being made available to the public for two reasons. One, to enable those unfamiliar with the club the opportunity to review the World-Class information and training that are available to WIN members. And two, because the Directors and Members of WIN agree, as alluded to above, that the information in this training will literally change the world once comprehended by just a small percentage of the population and should be made available to the public.

The information contained in this training will answer questions that have seemed to puzzle man since recorded history. It will address these questions with the simplest of undisputed science, reverse engineering, and unequivocally proof.

Once understood you will be left with the unshakable foundation of knowing what you are, and the limitless access and possibilities that have been available to you from the moment you came into existence.

Questions addressed include:

  • The Immovable Foundation Established In Answering the Question – What Am I?
  • What it is You Are Not.
  • That You Are Not Energy
  • That Energy, in fact, Can be Created and Destroyed – and By What
  • That What You Are Has No Limitations
  • The Biggest Lie Ever Perpetrated
  • The Source of All Information and Its Availability to You
  • Our Point of Origin
  • What We (You) Are
  • The Trap.
  • The Choice
  • Freedom
  • The Purpose of Life

We’ve title this training,“You Are a Powerful Spiritual Being,” and we prove it.

This training is being made available to you only in hardback book form. Commensurate with the quality of the information contained therein it has a hardback leather cover and protective dust cover with its pages made from the highest quality non-reflective paper available.

Order your copy now and take this opportunity to fully understand the mechanics of existence and the answer to the question posed by some of the greatest philosopher’s in history – Know Thyself.

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