The WIN Affiliate Compensation Plan is for the benefit of WIN Members who have elected to be a WIN Affiliate-Member and are Commission Qualified (see definition below) during the calendar month in which commissions are earned.

I. New Member Commission.

All new Members pay a one-time Member Status Level One fee of $250.00. Commission will be earned to Four (4) levels of up-line Affiliates:

Downline-Level 4---5%--$12.50

Downline-Level 3---5%--$12.50

Downline-Level 2---20%--$50.00

(Sponsor) Level 1---20%--$50.00


II. Monthly Membership Commission

All Members pay a $150.00 monthly membership fee commissioned to Four (4) levels of up-line Affiliates:

Downline-Level 4---5%--$7.50

Downline-Level 3---5%--$7.50

Downline-Level 2---20%--$30.00

Downline-Level 1---20%--$30.00 (Sponser)

Active Monthly Member

III. Member Status Upgrade Fees

Every Member may upgrade to twelve different levels of Membership Status form their original Level I Status upon completion of the requirements of their current Status level:

Status Level-I       [$250.00]

Status Level-II      [$500.00]

Status Level-III     [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-IV     [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-V      [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-VI     [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-VII    [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-VIII   [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-IX     [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-X      [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-XI     [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Status Level-XII    [Upgrade cost to be announced]

Each time a Member upgrades their status the same 20%-20%-5%-5% is generated to their sponsor and three (3) additional up-line Affiliates. Example: Upgrade from a Status Level-1 Member to a Status Level-2 Member- $500.00:

Downline-Level 4---5%---$25.00 

Downline-Level 3---5%---$25.00

Downline-Level 2---20%---$100.00

Downline-Level 1---20%---$100.00 (Sponser)

DEFINITION OF “Commission Qualified Affiliate.” As required by Federal Trade Commission

1.  Membership Commissions:

2. Status Level Commissions: